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Simple Slipped Stitch Sock Recipe

Looking for the perfect pattern to use with a highly variegated skein of hand dyed yarn? Look no further! This simple slipped stitch pattern will reduce pooling and is so much more interesting than plain stockinette stitch. 

I didn’t use a formal pattern for this pair of socks. I just worked my personalized vanilla sock pattern, using a contrast solid yarn for the toes, heel, and cuff. If you're an experienced sock knitter, feel free to use your favorite sock pattern, and simply add in the stitch pattern. 

Are you new to socks? Here's a vanilla (basic) sock pattern to get you started!

The color shown in this pair of socks is Dark Kale.  It's a vibrant, hand-painted colorway which can cause pooling in small circumference garments like socks and sleeves. Instead of letting it sit unloved on my shelf, I cast on with a stitch pattern to emphasize it's beauty!


Sock Recipe (Top Down)

  1. Cast on & work the cuff as written in Color 1 (solid).
  2. Adjust your total stitch count + or - 1 to be an even number if necessary.
  3. Work the Simple Slipped Stitch Pattern until it’s time to turn the heel, in Color 2 (variegated).
  4. Work the heel as written in Color 1.
  5. Work the Simple Slipped Stitch Pattern over the top half stitches for the foot, in Color 2. (That way your sole is as smooth as possible.)
  6. Work the toe as directed by the pattern, in Color 1.


Simple Slipped Stitch Pattern 

Needs an even number of stitches. 

Row 1: *k1, yotwice*
Row 2-3: *k1, sl1* 
Row 4-6: knit

Repeat these rows as needed until you've reached the desired length. 


That's it! This simple slipped stitch pattern is easy to memorize & can be used with top down or toe up construction. Pull it out the next time you have a gorgeous skein of variegated yarn, which is itching to become your next knock-out pair of socks!



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