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About Yarn Love

Yarn Love is Hand-Crafted

Hi – I’m Katie, the dyer here at Yarn Love, and I’m on a mission to add more joy to your life!

 Every skein here at Yarn Love is dyed by hand and beautifully packaged. My luxury yarns and gorgeous colors make every stitch a delight. If you want to add more joy to your life, you’ve come to the right place.            

Hand-dyeing is intensive work; before your yarn even arrives to you, it has been touched at least 21 times. Some dye techniques are more intensive and add to that number. Each skein is unique; even ones that share the same pan develop a personality distinctly their own. As you knit, crochet, or weave your Yarn Love you’ll discover the joy and whimsy for yourself.


Katie - the dyer at Yarn Love 

Yarn Love is Quality

I bring the best yarns to life in the Yarn Love studio. Every yarn I offer is premium quality and skillfully dyed. If it’s found a home in my line, rest assured that it’s the best yarn around (and I’ve tested many, many skeins!). 

Each skein is dyed with wash & light fast acid dyes. That means they'll look bright and beautiful through many wearings and washings.  Acid dyes are a non-toxic, manufactured dye which uses citric acid (a powdered acid derived from citrus fruit) to set the dye. Acid dyes are safe, and help me keep my colors as consistent as possible from batch to batch. 

I stand behind my work. If you find a flaw in your skein or it fails to live up to your expectations, please let me know – I'll make it right. 


Yarn Love - coned yarn waiting to be dyed

Yarn Love is Family

Yarn Love is a family-centered business. It was built to help me express my creativity and to care for my own family, too. When I first started, I never imagined how much a yarn business could grow! What started as a couple hours spent dyeing in my kitchen as a creative outlet while I raised infant twin girls has grown into a full-fledged business with it's own studio space. 

Along the way, my customers and I have grown into a like-minded family of yarn lovers. Each of you have earned a place in the Yarn Love family. Come hang out with me virtually – I can’t wait to get better acquainted! 

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Katie - the Yarn Love dyer and twin daughters

Katie & her two daughters, Emma and Grace. All avid knitters!