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Skein Squad Rewards

What are Skein Squad Rewards?

It's the Yarn Love loyalty program which rewards you for yarn shopping!

It's easy - register for a free account by clicking the Skein Squad Rewards pink box in the lower right corner of the website. Once you've registered your account, every purchase will automatically increase your rewards account value. 


There are many tiers of rewards, so even if your yarn budget isn't as robust as you'd prefer, your rewards will still add up!


How Do I Earn Rewards?

You earn rewards by signing up, shopping, and sharing via social media. Open up the Skein Squad Rewards interface, and it will show you the options. 

Throughout the year, I will add bonus action points and fun new levels to keep things fun. 


Current Rewards

 500  points - $5 credit

1000 points - 10% off (use if your order is larger than $100)

1000 points - $10 credit (use if your order is less than $100)

2000 points - 20% off (use if your order is larger than $200)

2000 points - $20 credit (use if your order is less than $200)

2500 points - $25 credit

3500 points - $35 credit

4500 points - $45 credit

5500 points - $55 credit

6500 points - $65 credit

You can redeem points for either a fixed credit or a % off. If you have larger orders, using the % option can result in really big savings!