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Norwegian Knitting Thimble
Norwegian Knitting Thimble
Norwegian Knitting Thimble

Norwegian Knitting Thimble

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Do you love the look of stranded colorwork knitting but struggle to get nice, even tension? Try a Norwegian knitting thimble! 

This clever ring slips onto the top of your finger & serves as a guide for two strands of yarn. It helps keep your tension even and stranded colorwork stitches will fly off your knitting needles. 

  • Stainless steel 
  • Adjustable wire coil ring 
  • 2 strand guides 
  • Available in small & regular sizes


Sizing Recommendation

I wear a size 4.5 US on my ring finger & like the size small to fit my slimmer fingers. Choose the small size if you generally wear a smaller ring size or have slim fingers. 

The ring is intended to sit above your first knuckle - so there's no need to worry about it sliding past your knuckles if you have knobby knuckles like me. 

The coil style means that the ring is slightly adjustable for an easy fit. 

Video Tutorial
Here's a great video tutorial by talented designer Selena of Dankfiber showing just how easy it is to use your new Norwegian style knitting thimble:

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