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I've had such a positive response to my current sweater projects that I'm writing them up for the blog for reference. I've been totally into winter weight colorwork knitting this year! 

I think using heavier weight yarns to learn stranded colorwork is fabulous. You get a lot of visual bang for your buck & it can be easier to switch colors with slightly larger yarn. 

Sanguine Sweater

First up, is my Sanguine Sweater. I opted for a two color sweater, instead of using 4+ as suggested by the pattern. It helps keep things simple & reduced the number of skeins you need to buy. 

I opted for Amy March Worsted, but if I were to knit it again, I would choose Amy DK instead. My gauge was right in between, and I think the slightly lighter option is the way to go for wearability. 

Pattern: Sanguine Sweater by Morgan Woltersdorf

Yarn: Amy March Worsted in Arabian Nights and Glimmer

I used Glimmer as the light / background color, and Arabian Nights in place of all the accent colors. Full details can be found on my Ravelry project page here.


ZigZag Jumper


Next up is my ZigZag Jumper - knit in Amy March Bulky. This sweater just zips off the needles, thanks to the bulky yarn. Amy Bulky is a little lighter than the yarn used in the pattern, but my gauge was spot on, and the fabric feels wonderful. It's a great matchup of yarn & pattern.

Pattern: ZigZag Jumper by Mrs. Moon

Yarn: Amy March Bulky in Pointe Shoes, Flamingo, Passion, Champagne

If you'd like a kit made up for the ZigZag Jumper, email me. I'm happy to dye one up for you while custom ordering is open. 

Full details & in-progress photos are waiting for you right here on my Ravelry project page.

I also put together an alternate color palettes, for those of you who prefer to wear cooler colors (These can be kitted for you, too!):


Old Gold, Art Deco, Conifer, Storm 



Antique Teal, Art Deco, Conifer, Storm 


Old Gold, Art Deco, Conifer, Champagne


Taroko Sweater 

Let's get a little adventurous with some crochet, shall we? Yes, this sweater is crocheted! I consider myself to be little better than a novice crocheter, and the Taroko sweater pattern is perfect for a new crocheter looking for their next project. 

Pattern: Taroko Sweater by Nomad Stitches
Yarn: Mr. Darcy in Shiny Penny, Juliet in Art Deco and Smoky Topaz. 

All the details can be found on my Ravelry project page.


  • Hi Heidi –
    You are right – not everyone is a member of Ravelry. However, you don’t have to be registered at Ravelry to purchase patterns there. It does act as a great hub for finding patterns and designers, which is why I link to it, butyou are completely welcome to purchase your patterns where you prefer.

    In my experience, many independent designers do not offer pattern sales through their own website. I generally use Ravelry for convenience and to reduce the amount of time needed to put together a blog post. For example, this blog post took me 2 hours to complete – and linking to a single pattern hub helps me to be able to provide education while reducing the amount of internet detective work.

    Katie at Yarn Love
  • Not everyone is on Ravelry. One of these designers has her own website, why wouldn’t you post a link to her website? That way she gets more traffic.


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