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There are new colors of Catherine of Aragon  - up in the shop - but how on earth do you use a laceweight, super-fluffy yarn? Yes, it is like knitting with a teddy bear, but the combination of lace yardage, plus that crazy alpaca halo around the core of silk is a fairly unusual construction. 

I'm here to help! Here are three brilliant ideas to help you cast on!


1. Add a little fluff - hold it doubled

Thanks to it's generous yardage & lighter-than-air feel, you can hold Catherine of Aragon doubled with the pattern suggested yarn without changing gauge.

For example: Mohair Magic Socks


Be careful - if the yarn you've chosen is swatching up a little tight or heavy, then adding the laceweight yarn may change your gauge. Swatch and check gauge before proceeding! 


2. By itself - at a very loose gauge

The silk core is strong - which means you can work Catherine up at a very loose gauge & still retain shape. (Blocking is still your friend!) Lace patterns are going to shine using this technique! You'll get a semi-transparent fabric & a very light garment. 

For example: the Pappus Pullover


3. As a contrast to a heavier yarn

Keep your needle size consistent, but alternate Catherine with a heavier weight yarn to create see-through stripes in your fabric. 


Example: Elton Cardigan



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