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March Sock Club Suggestions: All Business

This month, I'm taking a tiny break from bright colors to focus on a calming blue which pairs with everything and isn't too boring: All Business on Marvelous Marl. 

I also need to confess that I really like the Marvelous Marl yarn. That barber-pole affect of the yarn is mesmerizing. It also helps tone down the colors, giving the finished fabric a harmonious look with a light speckle.....Oh - and did I mention the yardage appears to last forever?

Let me know what you think when you cast on. I'm curious to hear!

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Katie's All Business Socks

Go With the Flow by Dana Gervais

I have been loving Dana's sock patterns! I did opt for an afterthought heel, rather than the pattern heel. With socks it's so easy to change out your heel style for a custom fit. 



Using Variegated Yarns On Small Circumferences

Here are a few notes on how variegated yarns with a regular repeat (like this handpainted skein) interact with small circumference items like socks or sleeves if you're interested. This section isn't required to actually knit your socks!

If a variegated yarn has a definite repeat - the colors occur in the same length, in a set pattern like All Business- you'll often see pooling or largish blotches of colors as you progress. I personally LOVE pooling & it's wavy color patches....but some people hate it.



You can even out the color pooling, creating a more even fabric. Look at this photo below. The top sock is knit straight from the skein without any color pooling counter-measures & the bottom sock was knit using the alternating row technique (details below):



On the bottom sock, you can still see the color variations, but they're much more even & don't look like a lightning bolt of yellow and aqua down the sock. This color pooling counter-measure is easy to employ! 

1.) Wind your yarn into a center pull ball; making sure that both ends are free OR Wind two 50 gram balls.

2.) Knit all odd rows from Ball One or the inside end of the center-pull ball.

3.) Knit all even rows from Ball Two or the outside end of the center-pull ball. 

When starting to work, make sure that you start rows one at two at a different point in the color sequence. For example, start row one in a yellow segment and row two on a blue segment for best color blending. 

4.) Keep alternating balls/ends on each row, simply dropping the current yarn, and picking up the other yarn for the next row. 

That's it! You can adjust the color-blending affect by changing the color segment starting points on each ball/end.


Other Pattern Options

Jeck Socks - free

A little texture & a few slipped stitches to help break up color pooling!



Scatterby Socks - free

A higher texture stitch pattern perfect for blending up all those variegated colors. 



Slipt Socks

Another take on using slipped stitches paired with variegated yarn for a lovely, textured fabric.


New to Sock Knitting?

Smooth Operator Pattern  - it's a sock pattern & tutorial in one!

Adult Socks for Beginners - free, but not as much teaching in this pattern. 

Do also checkout the resources on the Sock Club Resources page. Tutorials, videos, and more are there to help you navigate the wild world of sock knitting. 

If you get stuck - send me an email or post in the Ravelry thread - we're here to help!

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