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April Club Suggestions: Peach Gin Fizz

It's time! April's shipment of Peach Gin Fizz will soon be in your mailbox. Let's start plotting our cast-ons, shall we? 

First up - this months' colorway is named for a cocktail - a gin cocktail to be precise. I really do like a good gin & tonic in the summer time, so I'm looking forward to trying this new recipe out. Mmmm...yummy! 

(Popping a slice of peach into whatever drink you currently have handy is not cheating & totally counts as a lovely yarn + drink pairing.)


Peach Gin Fizz Recipe


Want to join the Sock Club? Full details here. 

Katie's Peach Gin Fizz Socks

With drinks in hand, let's move onto the patterns. I knit up Dana Gervais' Dolores design this month. I do highly recommend it! 


 Peach Gin Fizz is really quite a versatile colorway as it's not-too-dark and not-too-busy, so you can choose fancier designs quite easily.



An Elegant Feather by Spivay Song Knits


Suas Síos Socks by Beth Reed 


Canterbury Socks by Fiber Wild


Still looking for the perfect pattern? Try my Sock Knitting board on Pinterest for 500+ more pattern suggestions!



Smooth Operator Pattern  - it's a sock pattern & tutorial in one!

Adult Socks for Beginners - free, but not as much teaching in this pattern. 

Are you a member of the sock club? Check out the resources on the Sock Club Resources page. Tutorials, videos, and more are there to help you navigate the wild world of sock knitting. 

If you get stuck - send me an email or post in the Ravelry thread - we're here to help!

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