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Did you nab a gorgeous Beatrix sock pack this month? Lucky you! I've got so many options for you to try. Plus, even though it's super-duper hot, I've still got socks on my needles. Winter is coming & socks are the perfect warm-weather project since they're small and portable.


Here are my best pattern ideas for your next sock!

Colorful Stripes - with no ends to weave

I recently discovered the clasped weft join - an amazing technique for knitting up colorful stripes with no ends to weave. Amazing! 

Watch the Clasped Weft Join video here. 

I worked a plain vanilla sock, with a short-row heel, using the accent colors Arabian nights (included in your sock pack) and Old Gold along with the main color Beatrix. (Both accents are available in 20 & 50 gram skeins on Cinderella.)

I went with 50 gram skeins of both accent colors, and had more than half of every skein leftover after knitting up a 60 st pair of women's size 9 socks. You may be able to use 20 grams of each accent color if you have small feet. 

I did spiral my color joins as I knit, to make the jog at the beginning of each color less noticeable & I love how it turned out. To spiral your joins, simply knit 2 sts beyond your previous color join every time you change colors. Use a stitch marker to help you easily see your last color change placement. 

Stripe Recipe
7 rounds Beatrix / main color

3 rounds Arabian Nights / purple

4 rounds Old Gold / yellow

3 rounds Arabian Nights / purple

Throw in your favorite accent color for contrast ribbing, heels, toes, and you're all set! Best of all, when you're finished, you only have to clip the tails of any clasped weft joins - you only weave in your beginning and ending yarn tails.

 Broken Rib Socks

The Yarn Love Ambassador for July also knit up a pair of Beatrix socks. She chose a Broken Rib pattern for hers. This pair showcases much more of the mail color - with an interesting and easily memorized stitch pattern without being fussy or time-consuming. 

Full sock complete!

1x1 Twisted Ribbing at the top

3x1 Broken Rib

Again, choose your favorite vanilla sock construction and stitch count which is evenly divisible by 4. Use a 1x1 twisted rib at the top, and then switch to a 3x1 Broken rib for the leg and foot. Add your favorite heel and toe, and you're all set!


1x1 Twisted Rib

*k1tbl, p1* around


3x1 Broken Rib

Round 1: *k3,p1* around

Round 2: knit around


Other Sock Pattern Options

Apple Blossom Socks


Uphill Downhill Socks


Atlantis Twins Socks


Still looking for the perfect pattern? Try my Sock Knitting board on Pinterest for 500+ more pattern suggestions!



Smooth Operator Pattern  - it's a sock pattern & tutorial in one!

Adult Socks for Beginners - free, but not as much teaching in this pattern. 

Are you a member of the sock club? Check out the resources on the Sock Club Resources page. Tutorials, videos, and more are there to help you navigate the wild world of sock knitting. 

If you get stuck - send me an email or post in the Ravelry thread - we're here to help!




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