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January Pattern Suggestions: Magic

Woot! It's time to cast on your skein of Magic....but what pattern should you knit? Here are my suggestions!


New to Sock Knitting

Smooth Operator Pattern  - it's a sock pattern & tutorial in one!

Adult Socks for Beginners - free, but not as much teaching in this pattern. 

Do also checkout the resources on the Sock Club Resources page. Tutorials, videos, and more are there to help you navigate the wild world of sock knitting. 

If you get stuck - send me an email or post in the Ravelry thread - we're here to help!


Pattern Suggestions

Aquaphobia Socks

Broken Seed Stitch Socks

RPM Socks


Make Katie's Dark Magic Socks

Using your preferred stitch count & sock pattern follow this striping sequence:

Color pattern:
MC for 12 rows
CC for 3 rows
MC for 3 rows
CC for 3 rows
MC for 3 rows
CC for 3 rows

Repeat color sequence for full sock.

The color sequence is reversed for the second sock, so that I have a fraternal pair. One has a black background with rainbow stripes, and the other has a rainbow background with black stripes.

My preferred basic sock pattern is worked top down with a regular heel flap heel over 45% of the total stitches for 20 rows; 64 total stitches. Top down, bottom up, and heel type don't matter at all to the stripe pattern - use whatever works for you!



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