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I've been seriously bitten by the colorwork knitting bug in the past few months. It started with my Zweig sweater in November and quickly morphed to include hats and socks. I have been cranking out finished projects at an accelerated pace.


I attribute this to the fact that it is deep winter here in the Midwest - the sun is absent and if the thermometer registers a temperature above 0, things are going well. Another factor is that prior to getting settled into our new house and the yarn studio, I didn't knit much at all for 18 months. Between keeping my four kiddos fed and schooled, a massive building project which encompassed both my home and work, and helping Mr. Yarn Love through his final year of MBA studying (while he worked full time) there wasn't much down time. But the season of frenetic work has passed, and I'm enjoying the still, cold months with my knitting (and wine!). 

As I've worked on my colorwork projects, I've noticed that 4 oz of fingering weight yarn in each of 4-6 colors is WAY too much for your average sock. That would be a lot for a sweater! I decided to help us all out, and offer a really affordable yarn, in smaller skeins, in ALL THE COLORS!!!

I'm so happy to announce that Cinderella fingering is waiting for you! The inaugural batch has 32 colors - available in both 50 gram and 20 gram skeins.

I'll be posting more about the color selection and how to pair them up soon, but while I work up that blog post, let me make some color suggestions:


Rainbow Dash Socks

Main Color: Material Girl on Marie Antoinette

Accent colors: Cinderella (grab those 20 gram skeins!) Pizzazz, Lilac, Frog Prince, Verdigris

Pattern: Rainbow Dash by Dana Gervais


Little Acorn Socks

Main Color: Mr. Darcy Barenaked

Accent colors: Martini, Shiny Penny, Stallion

Pattern: Little Acorn Socks by Charlotte Stone


I hope that got the wheels in your brain turning out wonderful project ideas. See the full range of Cinderella colors right here & cast-on something wonderful & full of color!

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