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What to Knit: The Kindness Collection

Have you been eyeing the Kindness Quad & Quint bundles with stash envy, but can't quite come up with the right project? You're not alone! Checkout these dreamy projects which will make those DK yarn bundles shine!


1. Polar Dip Sweater

You'll need to order additional skeins of the main color - I suggest either Kindess or Empathy. 


2. Odyssey Shawl


3. FunFunFun Shawl


4. Cowl Colorplay


5. Ribbon Wrap

Again, you'll need an additional skein of the main color. 


Who's excited to cast on with the Kindness Collection? 
(Me! Me! Me!)


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  • They are all beautiful but you know my favorite!


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