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Knit the perfect Mr. Frosty snowman hat

You'll look so chill in your cute Mr. Frosty snowman hat. This hat works up quickly but does call for some intermediate skills. Keep reading for video tutorials for all the special skills needed to knit up your hat! 

Pattern & Kit

You can download the knitting pattern and also purchase a hat kit in either blue or red right here:

Buy the pattern.

Buy the kit. 


Technique Tutorials

Duplicate Stitch

Add those snowflakes & avoid using 3 colors at time with duplicate stitch. 

Very Pink Duplicate Stitch Tutorial via YouTube


How to Read a Knitting Chart

Knitting charts are read from bottom-to-top and right-to-left. Learn the finer points of reading knitting charts: 

KnitPicks How to Read Knitting Charts Article


Long Tail Cast On

The long tail cast on for beginners! This stretch cast-on is both lovely and functional:

Long Tail Cast On for Beginners Tutorial via YouTube


Norwegian Knitting Thimble

Speed up your colorwork and improve your tension with a Norwegian knitting thimble. 

DankFiber Knitting Thimble Tutorial via YouTube

Buy a knitting thimble for just $5. 


Satin Stitch

Work a simple, two stitch nose using satin stitch with your orange yarn & tapestry needle. 

Wool and the Gang Satin Stitch Tutorial via YouTube


Weaving In Ends

There's no way around it - colorwork generates so many ends! When possible, I've started weaving in ends as I go. It's nearly invisible and saves a lot of work at the end of the project. 

Very Pink Weave In Ends As You Go Tutorial via YouTube

There are some times when weaving in as you go isn't ideal as it creates distortion on the front side of the work. Instead, weave in those ends using a tapestry needle after the knitting is complete.

Very Pink Weaving in Ends Tutorial via YouTube


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