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#StayHomeAndKnit - Free Knitting Resources to Keep Your Needles Happy During the Pandemic

Hello, my yarn friends! How are you doing? 

I spent week 2 of social distancing with a gross sinus cold - no, it wasn't Covid, thankfully! Now that I can talk again, I'm on the hunt for some really satisfying spring knits. The yarn community has really pulled together and there are so many amazing patterns being offered for free to help keep us all happy while we shelter in our homes.

My cozy knitting corner this morning. 

Here are a few of my favorites: 

Cape Woolmai: free until April 12


Lun Pullover: free until March 31, 2020


Sunrise Over Bryce Shawl: free until May 1, 2020



U Pick Mittens:  free until March 31st

Odyssey Shawl: free


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