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5 Must-Have Patterns for Socktober

Socktober is here! Fire up those needles, it’s time to get knitting some socks!

Here’s a roundup of sock patterns made to show off all your fanciest hand-dyed skeins:

1. Hermoine’s Everyday Socks

Really colorful yarns need a simple stitch pattern to shine. If you’re a little tired of vanilla socks (plain stockinette), give this pattern a try. Spice things up a bit by using a complimentary color as an accent on your toes & heels.

Great for:

  • Colorful, variegated yarn
  • Mindless knitting
  • On-the-go project

Recommended colors:

2. Candyman

A brand-new pattern perfect for your Socktober cast-on. This sock features slipped stitch colorwork - which means you’ll only work with one color at a time. This is a perfect pattern if you’re curious about colorwork, but intimidated by carrying more than one color at a time.

Great for:

  • Partial skeins
  • Easy colorwork
  • Speckles

Recommended colors:



3. Little Acorn

To be honest, I ran across this pattern on Instagram and I’ve been obsessed ever since. Not a little-bit-interested, full on dye-up-3-new-colors to make this pair of socks obsessed. Little Acorn features a modern twist on very traditional looking colorwork. Plus, this pair will look great for all of fall.

Great for:

  • Improving colorwork skills
  • Using up small skeins
  • Showcase worthy socks

4. Speckled Space Socks

Texture galore on this pretty pattern! Plus, it works well for moderately variegated colors & speckles. The stitch pattern helps distribute the individual colors in your yarn, giving your finished sock an even color appearance.

Great for:

  • Interesting, but not overly taxing
  • Looks great in so many colors!
  • Texture is attention grabbing

Recommended colors:


5. Chain of Craters

A sophisticated pattern, with lots of motion in the stitch pattern. Are they cables? Is it lace? I don’t know, but I know I need a pair! I do love that the foot portion is solid stockinette - I find cable crosses under my shoes to be uncomfortable, so this pattern gives you the best of both worlds.

Great for:

  • Solid color yarns
  • A dressy pair of handknit socks
  • Keeping your interest

Recommended colors:



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