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Love fall, but can't wear warm colors?

Fall is here! I'm watching the maple trees begin their transition from deep green to fire red! The cool breezes are so refreshing and I really just want to eat pumpkin spice everything...... But what do you do when you look best in cool tones and positively ill in those gorgeous (but oh-so-wrong-for-you) oranges that keep popping up on every fashion site you see? 

It's possible to get a great autumn look without going all-in on the amazing reds and oranges. Let's take a look at cool fall colors!

Look for Cool Tones 

Every color has a warm tone & a cool tone. So for every brilliant red-orange, there is an amazing salmon on the cool side of the spectrum. If traditional fall colors (typically the warm tones) just wash you out, head on over to the cool side of the spectrum. (I'll meet you there.)


  1. Look for maroons that lean towards purple or black, rather than orange. 


            warm (Bolivian Chili)                                         cool (Cranberry)

  1. Go for salmons or barely orange pinks, rather than true orange
  2. Avoid red-orange and warm, fire-toned oranges. (There are other oranges out there for you!)


           warm  (Shiny Penny)                                           cool (Misty Sunrise)

4. Try a yellow tempered with black and brown rather than the brilliant, copper tones.


           warm  (Saffron)                                                      cool (Old Gold)                   

Practical Advice 

I work with color all day long. I literally build it from component primary colors - so it's easy for me to spot a warm red vs. a cool red. I totally understand that you likely don't have this dedication to color, so let's look at colors that celebrate fall - even if you can't wear warm tones. 

Try this cool trio: 

 Old Gold + Stargazing + Seaglass



These are cooler autumn tones. If you look amazing in teal or cool green, these are your colors!

Bonus cool fall colors in case gold and green aren't your favorites:

Arabian Nights - Cranberry - Pizzazz - Old Gold

Do You Light Up in Warm Tones? 

Give me a shout out in the comments & I'd be happy to put together a perfect trio for all my warm color yarn lovers!

 We might not get to control the complexion hand we're dealt, but we can certainly choose amazing colors which highlight our assets! I would love to help you find the colors that make your next project perfect for you - whether you fall on the warm or cool side of the complexion spectrum.

Hit me up with your questions in the comments! 




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