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Do you have aspirations to knit a lot of socks in 2019? Do the Instagram tags of #operationsockdrawer and #boxosoxkal make your heart flutter and fill your head with dreams of an endless, woolly supply of beautifully hand-knit socks?



(Susan B. Anderson's sock drawers. I aspire to this!)

You are not alone. 

Fuel your dreams.....and your knitting....with the Yarn Love Sock Club. Every month, I will send you 100-120 grams (3.5 - 4 oz) of fingering weight yarn in a brilliant new color. When your package arrives, it's time to fire up those needles. 

Variety is the spice of life, and of your sock drawer!

Each shipment will include a brand-new colorway + a mini skein in a coordinating color for a little contrast. They may also include two 50 gram skeins for fraternal socks, or even a mini-skein set for fabulously striped socks or even *gasp* colorwork socks.  

Be inspired. Cast on.

Who doesn't love a good sock pattern? I'll put together exclusive content, including pattern suggestions, to match each monthly shipment, so you'll never be at a loss for what to do with your club yarn. 


Join the Yarn Love Sock Club

The first installments ship January 15th. 


My Dark Magic socks knit with Magic + Velvet Midnight. 




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